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Unleash your full potential by becoming a French Florist franchise owner.

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Who we are

A look at the company

We are a floral business operating out of Los Angeles, successfully managing orders in-house as well as through our ecommerce website. We are a luxury, quality-first brand that offers hundreds of professionally designed arrangements.

proud of our Heritage

The French Florist story began in 1978. Over the years, French Florist has blossomed into a renowned name in the world of floristry. Our commitment to service, quality, and a memorable customer experience has helped us gain a loyal following and establish ourselves a premier floral brand.

Why own a floral franchise with us?

Discover the unparalleled opportunity to join the French Florist family, where you’ll embark on a rewarding journey to bring the beauty of French-inspired floral artistry to the world.

Tech Advantages in Our Floral Franchise


French Florist developed, fully owns, and utilizes the leading cloud-based florist operating software. And it’s all yours.

Established Flower Business Model


French Florist is a highly established business model, which reduces the risks associated with starting a new business from scratch

Growth & Marketing


Experience the incredible advantage of our exclusive partnership with a world-leading marketing agency, utilized by all our corporate stores

The opportunity

The U.S. floral market is growing. In 5 years’ time, the industry is forecasted to be worth more than $19 Billion. You can secure your place in the industry today by joining French Florist as an owner.


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In a world where the floral industry has long been dominated by monolithic powers, a beacon of innovation shatters the status quo. With French Florist’s emergence, the future of floristry isn’t just reshaped — it blooms anew, promising a renaissance unlike any other.

By opening a French Florist, you’re opening more than just a business. You’re embodying a lifestyle of freedom & flexibility.

Want to take that 10am yoga class?
Now you can.

Want to pick up the kids from school?
Go ahead.

Get the flexibility of being your own boss.
Get the fulfillment of being a part of a community.

Enquire about opening a French Florist franchise now.

The process

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Get in touch

Start your journey by submitting basic qualification information here.

Step 2

Discovery Call

Speak with a head office team member to explore the potential of our partnership.

Step 3

Mutual Evaluation

Together, over the course of a few meetings, we will ensure our collaboration is a perfect match for a fulfilling venture.of our partnership.

Step Four

Meet the Leadership Team

Experience the driving force behind French Florist as you connect with our passionate Leadership Team.

Step Five

Final Approval

Embrace the exciting journey ahead as a proud French Florist owner. Let’s do this!

Frequently asked questions

What experience do I need to become a French Florist franchise owner?

We review every applicant on a case-by-case scenario, and welcome motivated professionals from a variety of backgrounds to request consideration for becoming a franchise owner.

What are the financial requirements to open a French Florist franchise?

We look for a minimum of $100,000 in liquid assets, and $300,000 in net worth.

How much will it cost to open a French Florist?

The estimated initial investment necessary to begin operations starts from $140,500. (Please see our FDD for details).

Is financing available?

While we do not offer financing directly, we can refer you to financing sources based on individual needs.

What markets are available to open a French Florist?

Currently we are accepting applications in Southern California. Outside this area? We are expanding into new markets soon with the right candidates, so we encourage all potential franchisees to fill out our application.

Are there any current franchises?

Be a pioneer in a vibrant industry as our first franchisee. Shape our brand, influence growth, and choose the best territories for success. Enjoy personalized support from our founders and have a unique influence on operational policies and marketing strategies. Your success will be highlighted in testimonials and case studies. Embrace the advantage of being the first. Lead, shape, and succeed with us.

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